February 22, 2024

Airport travel made simple

Traveling by plane can be stressful. It just doesn’t feel the same as bus or…

Traveling by plane can be stressful. It just doesn’t feel the same as bus or train journeys, even though you have a ticket, some luggage, and a time to be at the airport. Even if you’ve traveled through the same airport many times and you know exactly how to get around, there’s always a feeling that something can get in the way. That’s why it’s great to deepen your knowledge on how airports work so you can become even more comfortable, no matter which country you’re in.


Despite the advancements in technology, you can still check-in the old fashioned way. Even if you’ve checked-in using an app on your phone, you might need to go to the desk to drop off your luggage. Or you can just get a ticket printed out so you can have a physical, as well as a digital, copy. If you have booked assistance for yourself or a traveling companion, you will also need to go to the check-in desk. Your assistant can collect you from a meeting point outside the airport, but they’ll still need to bring you to the desk to confirm with the airline that you have arrived. Once you’re finished, you can move on to security.

Going through security

Security checkpoints are usually where most people get anxious. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, you might start worrying if you have removed all prohibited items from your luggage. You brought your lunch to work yesterday in your backpack, but did you remove the knife and fork after using them? There’s really no need to worry. This part of the journey isn’t to stop you from flying. It’s to keep you and all the other passengers safe from anyone who does try to bring a dangerous item or material on board. A good tip is to get out of your own head and listen attentively to the security personnel. Whatever they tell you to remove from your baggage, just do it and move on. Next is the scan. Going through an airport security scanner is as simple as taking a few steps forward. They can detect metal, explosives, drugs, and even radiation. If you’re a traveler who uses airports often, you might start to recognize some scanner brands, like Nuctech and Rapiscan. Once you’re through, collect your bags and move on.

Head to the gate and board

You’ve already done the difficult parts. Now you just need to find your gate on the screens and head there. Get your boarding pass and ID ready, get through the gate, and board that plane.