February 25, 2024

Why Should You Opt for Linux Reseller Hosting?

In the competitive world of web hosting, if you want to establish a profitable hosting…

In the competitive world of web hosting, if you want to establish a profitable hosting reseller business, you need to have a strategic plan. From defining the target market segment, analyzing competition, and defining business goals to finding a reliable reseller hosting provider and choosing the right reseller plan, you have to plan it carefully. When you are selling web hosting services as a reseller, every choice you make can impact the performance of your client’s website. While choosing the reseller hosting plan, you will have to select between SSD and HDD powered servers and the operating system. Concerning operating systems, Linux-based cPanel reseller hosting plans are preferred by many resellers. This article will talk about why you should opt for a Linux reseller hosting plan for your web hosting business.

To start a reseller hosting business, you purchase resources from a hosting company, create hosting packages and sell them to site owners. Since the hosting company manages the server, the performance of your packages relies on that of the company. Hence, it is important to choose the hosting provider and plan carefully.

Why should you opt for Linux Reseller Hosting?

Here are some reasons why you should opt for Linux reseller hosting services.

  1. Linux is a highly reliable platform. There is an online community of developers spread around the globe who work tirelessly to keep it functioning optimally.
  2. Linux is free since it is an open-source platform. Further, many applications required by hosting resellers like DNS, FTP, etc., are also available free with Linux. It ensures a highly cost-efficient option.
  3. When it comes to accessing the host, Linux offers more options than its nearest competitor – Windows. With Linux, you can access the host using advanced options like VNC, Secure Shell, Telnet, etc.
  4. Linux reseller hosting plans are cheaper than Windows reseller plans. Hence, hosting resellers can create competitively-priced hosting packages for their clients.
  5. The online community of developers constantly interacts with Linux users from around the globe and takes feedback to make it more robust and user-friendly.
  6. Linux also offers flexibility to hosting resellers since it supports a wide range of programming languages and works seamlessly with PHP and MySQL.

Summing Up

As an operating system, Windows is more popular than Linux for a computer. However, when choosing an OS for the server, it is important to remember that your needs from the operating system will be different on a server and a user terminal. Linux is popular among resellers since it makes server management easy and effective. If you cannot make up your mind, you can try using both the operating systems on a web server and decide for yourself. It would be best if you also remembered that the choice of the OS would impact your clients too. If your target clients use applications or tools on their websites that require Windows, then opting for it is the more logical choice. Else, you can consider Linux for the range of benefits it offers. Decide judiciously. Good Luck!