Locating, purchasing from food items trucks goes significant-tech

YORKTOWN — Folks will be in a position to use an application or web site…

YORKTOWN — Folks will be in a position to use an application or web site to scout which food vans are in town, when and the place, and location orders electronically if they want, underneath a new pilot program.

The Town Board has made a decision to move forward with Best Foods Vans, the premier such booking and purchasing platform in the state. It is Very best Foods Vehicles’ 1st entry into Westchester.

Foodstuff truck locations less than consideration in Yorktown incorporate Front Road, Sparkle Lake and Railroad Park. Finest Meals Vans will line up various cuisines that will be scheduled at Yorktown sites, and these meals choices can be changed based mostly on the public’s suggestions through the company’s app.

Citizens and non-citizens will be able to use the Most effective Food Trucks app or site. When the plan is heading to start is still being worked out in discussions, Town Supervisor Matt Slater said. The pilot program is slated to be for a single yr.

Town officials will make your mind up food items truck locations and periods. 

Foods truck operators in Westchester and Putnam will pay out Most effective Food Vehicles a participation fee, to be shared with the town 50-50.