RI Nationwide Guard allows protect towards cyberattacks

U.S. Army Col. R. Michael Tetreault is the Rhode Island National Guard’s leading-rating techie, a critical participant in the state’s attempts to shield election technologies from cyberattacks.

About the previous a few yrs, Tetreault and his team of cyber defenders have assessed the election system’s fortifications, delivering guidance and assistance to Rhode Island’s Board of Elections.

Of training course, the best test of that cybersecurity initiative will come Tuesday, as voters across the point out forged final ballots, polls near and officers work to certify the tally. 

Considering the fact that 2016, the threat to local election units across the country has grown clearer, considerably as terrorism arrived into better concentrate after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Rhode Island’s public entities have been not immune from cyberattacks routed through foreign countries in 2016, when Russian brokers qualified the U.S. election.